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Stop Big Bank Bullies

Big Bank Bullies have attacked consumer-friendly credit unions for decades, and they’re at it again. With an army of lobbyists, they think they can bully credit unions and Congress.

We’re exposing the big banks so they can be held accountable.

Enough is enough! Put a stop to Big Bank Bullies. Join a credit union today.

Credit unions are proud of their track record in meeting the needs of their 127 million members.

Big Bank Bullies
Big Bank Bullies Monitor 1

Big banks have been fined a staggering $243 billion in just the last 15 years.

Big Bank Bullies Monitor 2

Each of the top 3 banks earn more individually than the entire credit union industry.

Big Bank Bullies Monitor 3

The 100 largest banks earn as much in one month as the entire credit union industry earns in one year.

NAFCU Monitor 4

Banks have more than 10x the deposits of the entire credit union industry.

NAFCU Monitor 5

The 10 largest banks spent $100 billion in just one year buying back shares of their own stock.

NAFCU Monitor 6

The 25 biggest banks pay their CEOs a whopping $375 million total, with seven handing their CEOs over $20 million each.

enough is enough big bank bullies
Say no to Big Bank Bullies!

ATTN Congress: Enact a Modern Glass-Steagall Act

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